You can't change a dog's past,
but you can write


Stafford Rescue is alive and vibrant. Our website is updated weekly so if you see a Stafford or Amstaff picture, unless something significant has happened in the last 24-48 hours, they will probably still be available. Our Rescue is a registered charity and a registered company. We not only run our specialist service helping Staffords’ but we also help Amstaff’s who often find themselves in the wrong hands and need our help. We are a determined few with many more who spur us on and support us financially.  No directors draw a salary from our Rescue, we all do this out of the pure love and respect we have for our breeds; we dedicate hours of our time, in most instances we don’t have weekends either; our wonderful and dedicated volunteers are just as passionate about the breed we all love so much, they too don’t earn a salary for all the time they dedicate and we are ever grateful for their support.



We can help you find a Stafford or Amstaff that fits in with your lifestyle. If you haven’t owned a dog before you will need to adapt to adopt as a dog in your life will change the emphasis. You become a carer where life’s decisions will also need to take into consideration your dog’s needs as a part of your family. A dog will open up regular wonderful walks; you’ll meet new friends and there is nothing like the loyalty you’ll receive from your very own canine companion. Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers offer that all in bucket loads and will be a wonderful addition to the life energy of your family. The decision needs to be thoroughly discussed with the whole family first.

Preparing for Adoption

To adopt one of our Stafford’s or Amstaffs you must first complete our Homing questionnaire. Read and understand the questions as well as the facets of your life which affect and will be affected by the type of dog you own.

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