We are a group of Stafford & Amstaff lovers with a collective thirty-year period of owning, rescuing and rehoming Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers.  We know the breed, we understand the breed and have dedicated our lives to helping so many dogs in need of our help over a number of years. 

We are a group of rather informal yet highly principled people, our careers are different but our love for Stafford’s and their well being is what we all have in common. 

We stand firmly by our dogs and will try our level best. We are always carrying far too many dogs than we should but each photo represents a life that was saved and a family dog that will one day be that much loved ‘pooch’.


With no Government funding or support from any large animal welfare, we actively fundraise throughout the year to bring in funds to keep the charity going, this together with funds raised from our on-line shop, donations from the public and supporter’s which is our only source of income.



  • Lauren Mallet 
  • Debbie Jackson 
  • Lauren Uffindell 
  • Carmen Bekker 


Our Ethos

We have a principle that everyone offers, as volunteers, their experience and time for our dogs with an open heart. We don’t pay expenses; no one is on commission; our bank accounts serve to collect contributions and are usually emptied to pay vital kennel or vet bills each week. We are forever grateful for the handful of supporters who continually dig deep in their pockets for our Staffords & Amstaffs. We don’t own kennels we currently board our dogs. We have amazing vets who reduce their costs in support of our work.  We strongly believe in neutering/spaying our dogs ensuring they remain healthy that which protects that dog in making them a fabulous family pet. 

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